On the 24th  and 25th  of January 2019, the Faculty of Electrical engineering of the University of Ljubljana in collaboration with Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, we hosted the 3rd Tourest project meeting, Interreg Adrion programme.

The two-day meeting was pact with activities. During the first day, we overviewed the project progress and discussed the current and the forthcoming project activities. On the second day, we went on a study visit to the Slovenian coast. First, we visited the Rižana Water Works Company where we learned about the process of delivering quality water to end users, and also got informed about challenges arising during the summer months with the increase of tourist visitors. The consortium also visited the Rižana Water Works filtration in the Vodarna water purification plant. The first plant was built in 1935 and operated until 1997 when the old plant was replaced with a new and modern filtration in water purification plant. We concluded our excursion with the visit of the St. Bernardin Resort. Mr.Andrej Fabiani, director of technical sector of St. Bernardin Resort, explained to the consortium the technical and business challenges that they face as one of the largest water consumers of the Slovenian coast.


TOUREST 3rd Project Meeting @ UL

We would like to greatly thank Mr. Korado Pucer and Rižana Water Works Company, Vodarna, Mr. Andrej Fabiani and St. Bernardin Resort for their warm reception, interesting and educational tours and a great deal of useful information. We would also like to thank Mrs. Jana Meljo from the Water Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for participating in the meeting. Last but not least, we would like to thank all the project partners for their active participation in the project meeting.