As regards dissemination efforts, the Region of Crete (RoC) has been working on the Communication Work Package of TOUREST, designing the promotional materials’ templates for the project and delivering the TOUREST Communication Plan. Following the guidelines set forth in the Communication Plan, Project partners have taken actions for the promotion of TOUREST to increase its visibility. RSE has engaged both local and nationwide media in their efforts to disseminate the scope of the project. In a similar manner, RoC has been publishing press releases in local newspapers, their institutional website and local news sites. TECLA has also been promoting the project to their network of associates through various social and institutional channels on a bimonthly basis.

Partners also had the chance to actively engage in the promotion of TOUREST in fora and conventions. In October 2018, representatives of FLA held a lecture on ‘Water Sustainability Management in Tourism Areas’ and presented the main objectives of the project in the Politecnico di Milano. The University of Ljubljana participated in the national event “Water days”, in order to promote the TOUREST project activities. HEP ESCO has been systematically promoting the TOUREST project through their network, and they had the chance to present the project to stakeholders and 3rd parties in Croatia, during the Sisak Energy Day , the CENTRAL Conference on Green Building and Sustainable Development  and the EXTERNAL TRAINING COURSE.